A Solution That Ensures Customer Satisfaction: Sestek Speech Analytics Achieves Top Score in Customer Satisfaction Survey Results from DMG Consulting

DMG Consulting Sestek Speech Analytics Survey

Sestek was recognized for receiving the highest overall vendor satisfaction rating from customers in DMG Consulting’s the 2018–2019 Speech Analytics Product and Market Report.

DMG Consulting, a leading independent research, advisory, and consulting firm, surveys end-users on their satisfaction with Speech Analytics vendors and their products. The results of these surveys are included in the DMG report, which provides the most comprehensive review of the Speech Analytics market.

Sestek Leads in Customer Satisfaction

This year, DMG surveyed three customers from each of eight vendors. Participants answered questions on the following:

Compared to the featured competitors, Sestek Speech Analytics achieved the highest customer ratings in 8 major vendor categories out of 10. Here are the 7 categories in which Sestek Speech Analytics received a perfect score of 5.0 by the customer satisfaction ratings:

1. Training and workshops
2. Ongoing service support
3. Professional services
4. Innovation
5. Responsiveness to product enhancement requests
6. Vendor communication
7. Pricing

Sestek owes its success to not only the technical capabilities of Sestek Speech Analytics but also to the company’s customer-oriented approach to project management and qualified professional services.

What Does Sestek Speech Analytics Offer?

Innovative Solution with High-Tech Features

Sestek Speech Analytics offers high-tech features to enable in-depth interaction analytics. Some of these features include the following:

  • Speech-to-text with extensive vocabulary and continuous speech recognition
  • Emotion detection
  • Topic categorization
  • First call resolution analytics
  • Machine learning based speech recognition and emotion detection
  • Real-time analytics
  • Smart quality management (automated and manual quality evaluation)

Sestek Speech Analytics DMG Survey ReportSestek Speech Analytics increases business intelligence by providing analytics-enabled quality management and quantifiable business value. To do so, the software transcribes and categorizes all recorded interactions. By applying in-depth analysis, the software identifies the root causes of issues and efficiently drills to relevant and actionable data. Therefore, users not only discover unknown issues and breaking trends but also gain insight into customer satisfaction. Using this insight, organizations can take necessary action to improve their services.

Effective use of these in-depth features requires users to be proficient in software dashboard, which is possible with the right training.

Comprehensive Training and Workshops

Sestek Speech Analytics includes a sophisticated interface with multiple dashboards. Customers need to be trained to completely utilize the features and functionality of the software.

At the beginning of each project, Sestek assigns a consultancy team to answer customer’s training needs. The team spends 1–2 weeks with the customer giving workshops about the Speech Analytics interface, call recording configuration, topic categorization, and query management. They make sure the customers are proficient in the use and management of the software, so the customer can work independently once implementation is complete.

Sestek can also provide this service during the POC period, if the customer requires. This consultancy service includes training on user interface, call analysis, and evaluation processes. The consultancy team works on the system to address all customer needs.

Continuous Support

To ensure on-time and continuous support, the Sestek Consultancy Team is always in touch with the customers. The team has in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience thanks to the completion of numerous Speech Analytics projects.

The Sestek Consultancy Team adopts a proactive approach to trouble shooting and problem solving. They step in immediately, with a sense of urgency, when a technical issue arises.

Sestek’s business model offers a free maintenance period from six to twelve months. The latest version of Sestek Speech Analytics is provided and upgraded throughout the project. Sestek offers multi-tier support levels based on severity:

A Close/Friendly Relationship with Customers

The success of a speech analytics project largely depends on the implementation process, which requires a close relationship between the vendor and the customer. From day one, Sestek works closely with its customers to ensure they benefit from the full utilization of the software.

The Sestek Consultancy Team keeps close contact with customers and listens to them before offering advice and strategies. The team’s expertise in the field helps them to foresee and overcome any challenges customers might face.

Being in close touch with customers means continuous customer feedback. Each piece of customer feedback includes crucial insight into customers’ satisfaction levels, pain points, and needs. Sestek uses this feedback to improve the speech analytics and consultancy services, which allows the company to respond to product enhancement requests and develop new features that are perfectly aligned with customer needs.

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To request the Sestek Reprint Report, complete the form here. The report includes a summary of the survey findings and analysis, the survey methodology, and an overview of Sestek.

Author: Hilal Bakanay, Senior Marketing Specialist, Sestek