Top 5 Technology Trends of 2020

Top 5 Technology Trends of 2020

As we are heading towards 2020, we see lists of all sorts about the upcoming trends of the new year. Technology trends are among the most clicked (!) ones. Here is our contribution to this group. From human augmentation to the rise of conversational technologies, we think these topics will be the top technology trends in 2020:

The Rise of Automation

The impact of automation is in the headlines for some time now. It looks like it will continue to do so in 2020. Robots will be increasingly used, especially in hard, dangerous, and repetitive works, which will decrease the number of such jobs. On the other hand, knowledge-intensive operations such as software, content writing, art, mechanics, data entry, and psychology will become more popular and human-centric.

Democratization of Technology

Technology will become more easy-to-get for the common man. In other words, we won’t need to be data scientists to read, analyze, and make sense of data. New technologies will be not only easy-to-access for us but also be easy-to-apply. For example, low-code and no-code approaches will let us develop applications quickly without coding knowledge.

Conversational Technologies

Conversational technologies let us interact with machines as if we are talking to humans. Thanks to these technologies, we use voice as a natural interface. As we interact more with these technologies, our expectations will rise. We will expect them to understand us better and faster: not only understand what we say but also understand what we mean. In 2020, we will expect conversational technologies to be smarter and provide exciting experiences for us.

Human augmentation

Human augmentation aims to enhance human abilities through technology. This new research field has two aspects: physical augmentation and cognitive augmentation. Cognitive augmentation enhances the human’s ability to make better decisions. And a part of this concept is Augmented Intelligence. This is a human-centered partnership of people and artificial intelligence; AI helping humans and humans helping AI to deliver the best possible experience to the end customer.

The Advancement of AI

There are no two ways about it. Companies that are investing in AI confirm a decrease in their operational costs. In 2020, AI will continue to keep its strategic position about efficiency, automation, and customer experience. To get the most out of this technology, companies will have to accept that implementing AI technology is a long and hard journey. And they need to set their AI strategies accordingly.

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These five topics will do more than just filling out the headlines in 2020. They will be vital parts of company strategies focusing on growth, efficiency, and customer experience. Organizations that are embracing these technologies faster than the competition will enjoy tangible financial benefits in an era of tighter margins. To learn more about these technologies, download e-book here.

Author: Hilal Bakanay, Senior Marketing Specialist, Sestek