5 Tips for Effective Quality Management Implementation

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5 Tips for Effective Quality Management Implementation

The predominant way to achieve quality is prevention, not correction. So, it is vital to establish an effective quality management process to prevent situations that may spoil the quality. In this piece, we would like to outline key criteria to ensure an effective quality management process.


Transparency in business is an open form of truthful communication between an organization, its employees, customers, and potential customers, which doesn’t conceal any hidden agendas or conditions. It is meant to build trust that starts from within, then works its way out to the public to make better knowledgeable decisions. In customer services, involving your agents and supervisors play a crucial role in building transparency. So, make sure that you explain the reasons and goals behind implementing a quality management program. Technologies support you in creating and controlling a transparent and effective quality management system.


Training is so important. Don’t forget that your evaluation teams need training to get the best out of quality management tools and effectively coach your agents. Not only your agents but also your quality assessment team should be well trained. Training plays a crucial role in gearing an evaluation team up for success. Your team needs to have hands-on experience with call center quality assurance best practices. Every new member must have the data and information required to function in the team. This includes team goals and priorities, knowledge of necessary tools and frameworks, and commonly followed timelines. Besides, if you are using an automated quality monitoring tool, make sure that they have the required training to use the software effectively. Although these tools offer in-depth analysis, these wouldn’t mean anything if your team can’t read them.


Make sure that you document your quality assessment process, and the documents are easily accessible. This documentation should outline and explain all details about your quality expectations. This provides agents with a clear direction of what is expected from them while giving your quality team a guide to follow. Supervisors and your agents should easily reach their scorecards and even their call recordings when they have questions. So, they can see their scores which is important for self-correction.


This is not a one-and-done process. Make sure your evaluation process is continuous. Continuous monitoring, evaluating, and communicating within your team are vital. Quality management requires providing constant feedback. To achieve this, you need to perform quality assessments consistently. While interactions are still fresh in the agents’ minds, a regular weekly session might contribute to constructive criticism.


The core of the quality management program is feedback. Managers to supervisors, supervisors to agents, and vice versa, every member should be comfortable giving and receiving feedback. Encourage constructive criticism. Sharing positive feedback is a vital component in an agent’s development. So, make sure that they use constructive criticism to help agents notice the areas for improvement and take action.

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Author: Hilal BakanaySenior Marketing Specialist, Sestek

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How to Better Serve Customers from Home

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