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6 Signs You May Need Better Speech Analytics at Your Call Center

Shorter call durations, motivated agents, compliance with standards, and operational efficiency were your aspirations when implementing speech analytics in your call center. However, upon reviewing the results, doubts arise. Before blaming strategic decisions or losing faith in technology, consider this: Not all speech analytics solutions are equal. Selecting the right solution can lead to a smooth speech analytics experience. To begin, diagnose the problem with your current solution. If you observe the six signs below, it may be time to search for a better speech analytics solution.


Sign 1: Long Call Durations

Long call durations increase telecom costs and harm customer experience by causing long wait times. One of the top benefits speech analytics offers is shortening call durations by improving agent performance and call handling processes. If you haven't observed a decrease in call durations despite your speech analytics solution, it might lack some crucial features. 

Your current speech analytics needs to offer an advanced root cause analysis to identify the reasons behind prolonged calls and offer actionable strategies for improvement. Additionally, if the system lacks accurate call categorization or tagging, it might misinterpret the reasons behind lengthy calls, making it challenging to implement targeted improvements.

Upgrade to a comprehensive speech analytics solution with real time analysis, seamless integration, and accurate call categorization to avoid long call durations. Investing in a robust speech analytics platform allows you to gain deeper insights into call interactions, optimize agent performance, and reduce call durations.


Sign 2: Increasing Compliance Issues

Non-compliance with standards is a critical concern for call centers, which can lead to severe penalties for organizations. An increasing number of compliance issues may indicate that your current speech analytics solution is falling short in identifying potential risks, guiding agents, and aiding call center managers in taking necessary actions to improve processes.

If your speech analytics solution lacks a robust speech recognition technology, it may struggle to capture and transcribe 100% of calls accurately. Moreover, the absence of real time analysis hinders the software's ability to promptly detect and alert agents to compliance rule violations triggered by specific keywords or phrases.

To address increasing compliance challenges effectively, integrate a speech analytics solution offering robust speech recognition technology. Besides, seek features like real time analysis and automated quality assessment to identify compliance risks before they become serious problems.

Sign 3: Increasing Call Volumes

An effective speech analytics solution is renowned for its ability to reduce call volumes, leading to increased efficiency and lower operational costs. Nevertheless, if your call volume continues to rise even after implementing speech analytics, it might be due to a missing crucial feature: root cause analysis.

Root cause analysis is a pivotal component of speech analytics, allowing call centers to pinpoint the underlying reasons for recurring calls. Call centers may struggle to provide effective solutions without this vital capability, resulting in a continuous influx of calls and higher overall call volumes.

Implement a speech analytics solution with a robust root cause analysis feature to tackle increasing call volumes. Thus, you can detect reasons behind repeating calls and improve first call resolution (FCR) rates, significantly decreasing call volumes while enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Sign 4: Worrying Customer Churn Rates

Customer calls often reveal signs of churn, such as dissatisfaction, threats of cancellation, or mentions of better offers from competitors. Speech analytics is designed to detect these churn risks and recommend necessary actions to prevent them. However, if high customer churn rates persist, it may indicate a need for enhanced speech analytics capabilities.

An effective speech analytics solution should include features like root cause analysis, emotion detection, and real time notifications. These capabilities enable businesses to accurately capture changes in customer tone, identify risks, and understand the reasons behind them promptly, empowering call center managers to prevent customer churn effectively.

Implementing a robust speech analytics solution is essential to mitigate the increasing threat of customer churn. Look for a solution that offers comprehensive features, covering root cause analysis, emotion detection, and real time insights. By understanding the triggers behind customer behaviors, you can retain existing customers and enhance overall customer satisfaction, reducing churn and bolstering your market position.


Sign 5: High Agent Turnover

High agent turnover poses a serious challenge for call centers, disrupting service continuity and incurring recruitment costs. The stress caused by factors like repetitive manual tasks and subjective performance management negatively impacts agent motivation, contributing to this issue.

Implementing speech analytics can be the solution by automating processes, introducing better performance management approaches, and enhancing job satisfaction. If you fail to improve agent turnover, it's a clear sign that your call center could benefit from better speech analytics.

To tackle high agent turnover, seek an effective speech analytics tool that provides real time guidance to support to agents. Additionally, incorporating advanced features like automated quality management and agent performance analysis can boost agent confidence and motivation by offering objective evaluations.


Sign 6: Increasing Operations Costs

Reducing operations costs enables call centers to allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring the long-term viability of the business. By lowering expenses, call centers can allocate valuable resources to critical elements such as investing in technology, agent training, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Speech analytics plays a crucial role in contributing to lower operating costs. It achieves this by automating processes, identifying inefficiencies in call handling, and reducing call volume and agent workload. If your current speech analytics solution doesn't effectively reduce operations costs, it may be worth questioning whether it is equipped with the right features.

While considering a new speech analytics option, prioritize solutions that include advanced quality management features for automated evaluation. Look for features like root cause and FCR analytics to identify customer issues and process inefficiencies, improving call center efficiency and decreasing operational costs.



If the results of implementing speech analytics are falling short of your expectations, don’t despair. The key lies in selecting the right platform that caters to your specific needs and comes equipped with essential features. By making an informed choice and seeking the right fit, you can unlock the true potential of speech analytics and achieve optimal results. Remember to identify your requirements and diligently search for the solution that best aligns with your goals to ensure the best possible outcomes.


If you’d like to learn how a comprehensive speech analytics solution look like, take a look at our speech analytics data sheet or request a demo for further discussion with our experts.


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