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In this episode of the Sestek Tech Talks series, Sestek’s General Manager Serdar Karadayı met with IGA’s Chief Digital and Commercial Officer Ersin İnankul to discuss:

  • the impact of the pandemic and its aftermath on the transportation and tourism sectors
  • future technology developments and self-service applications
  • the digital transformation processes of IGA
  • Sestek-IGA collaboration (implementation of chatbot and virtual assistant technologies in IGA operations)

Ersin Inankul – Assistant General Manager at IGA
Serdar Karadayi – General Manager at Sestek

Our analysts, Reyhan Tosun and Can Atılgan, from Sestek Product Management Team, had an interesting conversation about their department’s operations, product development processes, and Sestek’s agile transformation. They also discussed lean UX/UI concepts while questioning whether their product design process has an artistic dimension or not.

Reyhan Tosun – Product Analyst at Sestek
Can Atılgan – Product Analyst at Sestek

Sestek’s Founder and CEO, Prof. Levent Arslan, came together with Dan Miller and Derek Top from Opus Research to discuss how self-service is evolving with conversational technologies today. They examined the challenges in detail the businesses face today and offered solutions with real-life use cases. Treating every conversation as conversational intelligence, promoting technological synergies among the solutions, and completing the circle by orchestration were among the key takeaways of this webcast.

Levent Arslan – Sestek CEO
Dan Miller – Opus Research
Derek Top – Opus Research

The pandemic shifted customer preferences towards e-commerce channels drastically and apparel brands with established e-commerce operations took advantage of this momentum. We surveyed 30 decision-makers from the apparel industry to evaluate their awareness about customer service approaches and the use of AI-based technologies in the e-commerce channel. The results show that economic slowdown, increasing costs, and sustainable profitability continue to be among the industry’s top concerns. Sestek’s Sales Manager Selin Özbalmumcu and NİCE Medya’s Chief Editor Eylem Gun discussed the survey results in this webinar.

Selin Özbalmumcu – Sales Manager at Sestek
Eylem Gun – Chief Editor at NİCE Medya

At this training, Our Regional Sales Director Ahmet Subasi and Presales Director Anıl Oztuncer are explaining Conversational AI technologies by following the agenda below:

  1. Presales Presentation for Conversational AI (10 min)
  2. Conversational AI Topology (10 min)
  3. Conversational AI HW Specs Calculation – ASR+TTS included (15 min)
  4. Demo (10 min)
  5. Q&A

Anil Oztuncer – Pre-sales Director at Sestek
Ahmet Subasi – Regional Sales Director at Sestek

This pandemic has completely changed our way of doing business and reminded us once again: Customers continue to demand the highest quality service no matter what.
Companies acting with this awareness continued to make a difference during this period. Despite shutdowns, limited working hours, and increasing customer demands, they were able to provide uninterrupted services to their customers through alternative channels. Among the most important alternative channels, is Contact Centers and with our guest speaker Metin Tarakçı, CEO of Webhelp Turkey and Jordan, we are seeking answers to the following questions:

  • What should we expect for customers and customer services in the new normal?
  • What changes can there be in customer behavior?
  • How should call centers be prepared for the new normal?

Metin Tarakçı – CEO, Webhelp Turkey & Jordan
Serdar Karadayı – General Manager, Sestek

The pandemic, which has influenced the whole world, has affected many areas of life as well as consumer preferences and habits. So, how was the behavior of insurance customers affected during this period called New Normal? How have the channels they preferred to receive service changed? Will this change be temporary or permanent? How will artificial intelligence and digital technologies affect this change? We meet with Serdar Birlikçi, CIO of Groupama Insurance and Serdar Karadayı, General Manager of Sestek, in our new webinar where we will seek answers to all these questions.

Serdar Birlikci – Groupama CIO
Serdar Karadayi – Sestek General Manager

The Covid-19 pandemic changed our lifestyle but also the way we do business. It also reminded the value and importance of human resources for companies.

Today digitalization has transformed into a must-have, and AI-based solutions offer companies ways to use human resources more efficiently.

In this webinar, we will discuss how AI-based solutions help us offer uninterrupted customer services. We will also talk about the following topics:

  • Initial steps and considerations when investing in artificial intelligence and digitalization
  • Technologies that can be deployed quickly and provide financial benefits quickly
  • VakıfBank ViBi Project: Challenges and achievements when implementing a smart AI-based assistant

Ahmet Sedat Postacıoğlu – VakıfBank Digital Banking Director
Selin Ozbalmumcu – Sestek Sales Director

The rise of automation, the democratization of technology, conversational technologies, human augmentation, and the advancement of AI;

These five topics will do more than just filling out the headlines in 2020. They will be vital parts of company strategies focusing on growth, efficiency, and customer experience. Organizations that are embracing these technologies faster than the competition will enjoy tangible financial benefits in an era of tighter margins.

At this 30-min webinar, our CEO, Prof. Levent Arslan, and our Pre-Sales Director Anıl Oztuncer will discuss how these technologies will affect the way companies will be doing business in 2020. So do not miss our last webinar of the year! See you there.

Anil Oztuncer – Pre-sales Director at Sestek
Baran Bursaligil – Marketing Manager at Sestek
Levent Arslan – Sestek CEO

Today, chatbots are becoming more and more significant part of the customer service world. And at the same time, customers are starting to expect more and more from them. Simple FAQs just won’t cut it!

According to recent research, 54% of customers find chatbots “not intelligent and not solution-oriented.” More than 63% of them expect “personalized engagement” as a standard of service.

The intelligence of the chatbot relies heavily on the design of the dialog flow. This flow is the brain of the chatbot. This flow is the thin line between an intelligent and not so intelligent chatbot. With the bar set up high, the pressure is on the business units to set up this flow correctly and smartly.

So, join us as we go through these details and present some useful tips for you in building smart chatbots. This will not be a technical session, but we will underline some important details for customer-facing teams to re-think when using chatbots.

Anil Oztuncer – Pre-sales Director at Sestek
Baran Bursaligil – Marketing Manager at Sestek

Don’t we hate it when machines don’t understand what we are trying to say?

Even AI-backed technologies such as chatbots or virtual assistants can stumble when engaging with customers, not being able to guide them towards the right solution. And before it turns into a bad experience, immediate human intervention is vital.

Our “Seamless Agent” solution just does that! It is a real-time supervision tool through which the speech or intent recognition errors or no-match cases are fixed by live agents during interactions. Without customers even notice, the interactions stay seamless.

At this live demo, our Pre-Sales Director will explain in detail the features of our patented solution and how it enables the perfect collaboration between agents and AI for that perfect customer experience.

Anil Oztuncer – Pre-sales Director at Sestek
Baran Bursaligil – Marketing Manager at Sestek

The days of picking 3% of customer-agent interactions and evaluating your whole contact center performance are over.

Thanks to Conversational Analytics, you can now monitor and analyze 100% of contact center interactions automatically.

By fully automating the process, Automated Quality Management technology provides Call Centers with invaluable insights about agent performance and how to improve it.

So join our Pre-Sales Director going through the features of our Automated Quality Management platform at a live demo. And learn how you can boost your top performers and support your under-performers at your contact center to be 100% efficient.

Anil Oztuncer – Presales Director at Sestek
Baran Bursaligil – Marketing Manager at Sestek
Hilal Bakanay – Senior Marketing Specialist at Sestek

At this webinar, we will dive in to details on how to increase effectiveness and save costs at Call Centers. We will talk about speech analytics technologies providing tangible financial benefits at call centers.

Cigna Finans team will present its experiences and results after implementing Sestek Speech Analytics at its call center.

Sestek is a global technology company providing conversational AI and Analytics solutions. Sestek helps companies to make data-driven decisions.

Cigna Finans is a pension and life insurance company formed by QNB Finansbank and Cigna Global.

Gokhan Kantar – Sales Development Manager at Cigna Finans
Irem Yasik – Sales Development at Cigna Finans
Emre Sahin – Sales Development at Cigna Finans
Fahrettin Yilmaz – Solutions Consultant at Sestek
Baran Bursaligil – Marketing Manager at Sestek