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Newsletter SESTEK UPDATE Q3-23


Another Award for Our Virtual Assistant

A single, clever bot answers 100K traveler questions monthly at 5 different customer service channels: website, mobile app, call center IVR, WhatsApp, and physical screens at one of the world's largest airports!

IGA Virtual Assistant won the Bronze Award in the “Best Use of Technology” category at TCXA 2023, one of the leading Customer Experience Awards sharing the greatest celebration of CX practice.

For more information about the success story, visit here.
For the short video of IGA Assistant, click here.


We Are Officially a WhatsApp Business Partner!


We Are Officially a WhatsApp Business Partner!

Thanks to our parent company , UNIFONIC, SESTEK officially became a WhatsApp Business Partner.

This collaboration enables us to leverage the power of WhatsApp's messaging platform, further enhancing our capabilities in delivering seamless and efficient customer interactions.

If you want to offer first-class customer support, serve customers 24/7, and present impressive customer journeys on the world’s most popular chat app, we can help you. 

Click to view our WhatsApp Customer Service Solution.




Here Is How We Integrate AI at SESTEK


Here Is How We Integrate AI at SESTEK

AI's rapid growth offers contact centers opportunities and challenges. While it may seem new, we have been investing in deep learning, neural networks, and natural language understanding technologies for decades. Here is a quick summary of AI features in our solutions.

Download our deck here.



Battlecard for Our Speech Analytics Solution


Battlecard for Our Speech Analytics Solution

In this one-pager, you will see the main features and the highlighted advantages of our Speech Analytics solution compared with one of the global leaders, AWS Contact Lens.

Download the Battlecard here.



Listen to Our Blog Post with our Avatar Voice


Listen to Our Blog Post with our Avatar Voice

Now you can listen to our latest blog "6 Signs You May Need Better Speech Analytics at Your Call Center" with one of our avatar voices at this link. 




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